Yoga Moves to help relieve back pain

Here are some yoga moves that can certainly help you to relieve back pain

Are you having back pain it becoming worst with every passing day, if this is so then, why not you start doing yoga? It can help you in providing relief from back pain and help you maintaining your good body posture. Here are some yoga moves that can certainly help you in getting rid of back pain.

Downward facing dog

It is one of the best know yoga poses and for all the right reasons. When you do this pose your lower back, hamstrings and core get strengthen. You should start with your knees and hands and then place your toes, move your hips upward and put your heels on ground. You have to keep the position for at least five breaths.

Upward dog facing

This can be really helpful for opening your chest and when you face upward, it will allow your back and abdomen to stretch. After finishing with downward dog facing, you have to move forward to flat pose. You have to untuck your feet and then look upward. While looking upward you have to keep your knees in the air and don`t let them touch the ground.


Low lunge with backbend

This one is for your entire back. You have to start with low dive position and then slowly make your back knee to touch the ground. After this you have to straight up your arms near your ears and then stretch back. You have to remain in this position for at least three seconds.

Seated spinal twist

With this you can increase your spinal mobility as well as your body posture. You have to start with seated position, then to make left foot come out to your right knee. After this you should lengthen right arm in upward and then place right elbow over left knee and then you look over left shoulder. You must repeat this after three breaths on the other side.

Lower back clasp

This one is just a normal backbend which stretches and provide strength to your lower back. In it you have to lay face down and hold your hands at your back and then try to lift your chest. This pose will work best when you will be able to hold hands together. You have to keep the position for three breaths.

So these are some of the yoga moves that can really help you in getting rid of your back pain.

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