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Top 10 Tips to compliment a guy

If you are thinking that you can win heart of any guy with false flattery, then you are making fool of yourself. The best compliment for a man is telling him honestly what you feel of him. If you lying him to make him happy he will be upset and it makes him feel bad. So if you are wanted to make a man happy tell him truth without mindless flattery. Following are some tips that you may adopt for making your man feel special.

Care for your needs

Since the beginning of time man is provided with a duty to fulfill the requirements of his family. So you must have to tell him that you value his hard work that he put forward to earn for fulfilling your needs. Not only about earning money, but also love and companionship that he provides.

Great Looks

You have to compliment his looks from time to time, how you feel when he gives you cute little smile, or when he looks straight into your eyes.

Notice him

You have to make sure that you pay attention to him, tell him when he wear some nice dress or when he shave close and nice. You should also notice him when he seems to be sad or happy.

Make you feel good

You should also tell him that, how great and how safe you feel in his presence. His presence makes you feel good.

Trust him

If you thinking by getting jealous, you will make him flatter, this is your mistake, he will hate this. You have to give him confidence that you trust him in his dealing and life matters, it will give him happiness.

Praise his skills

If he is playing any sports then you have to be on his side to praise his skills. You must treat him like he is your favorite player. Other than sports you can praise his writing or other skills that he posses.

Acknowledge his point

You have to tell him that he was right on making some decisions, even if you have differences at that time. This will make him happy.

Enjoy his jokes

You should also learn to enjoy the jokes that he is cracking to make you happy. Even if you have listened that joke before even then try to make him happy by laughing.

Appreciate his efforts

You must also have to appreciate the efforts that he makes to do even little things for you. It means that you do not ignore his sweetness.

Love Him

You should show him unconditional love. You have to love him for who he is with all his good and bad habits.

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